My Opinion on Trade ‘N’ Sell, Vintage Gold, and MyMall

This is a very controversial topic among Fantage, and I want to share my opinion about it.

Trade ‘N’ Sell

Everyone loved Trade ‘N’ Sell, how you could:

  • get rare items
  • transfer stars/ecoins to your own account
  • host “giveaways” on Facebook.

I liked how:

  • people could get items they really wanted
  • nonmembers were given power.

But, everyone knows, the bad part was scamming.

Scamming wasn’t good, but it wasn’t entirely Fanage’s fault. The victim wasn’t smart enough to look out for such tricks. If you’re careful, you wouldn’t get scammed. I don’t mean any offense to people out there who got scammed, I’m just saying that scamming wasn’t the shop’s fault, so scamming wasn’t the reason why Trade ‘N’ Sell closed down.

In my opinion, the reason Trade ‘N’ Sell closed was because no one was buying ecoins. Some people bought membereship so they could post starred items, but ecoins and stars were passed around everywhere. People had millions of stars/ecoins. So Fantage was losing money.

So Vintage Gold came.

Vintage Gold

Many people, includng myself, disliked it when Trade ‘N’ Sell closed down. And even more people disliked it when Vintage Gold opened.

They didn’t like how:

  • Rare items were being sold, thus losing their “value”
  • The prices were so high
  • The “voting” didn’t affect the items being sold

I myself agreed with everything above except for the second one. Prices had to be high, or else it would lose the little “value” it had left. And also because of all those people out there with crazy amounts of money. It is unfair for the normal people, though -_-

Honestly, I can’t find any good things about Vintage Gold. People like how they could get their favorite items, but to me, it seems like Vintage Gold is selling the same old items every time. If you check regularly, you’d understand.

Fantagians decided to quit because of Vintage Gold. So Fantage opened up MyMall.


This is where it gets interesting…

A new currency came out. Gold

People disliked gold. So did I. You had to pay real money to get gold. Seriously, Fantage?

But then I noticed how many people bought gold. Fantage probably loved this, I thought. So many people were paying them. They were earning money.

I think Gold was a good idea. Stars and Ecoins were worth nothing anymore, so the only solution was a new currency.

But I don’t believe that gold had to take over completely. Events should be gold-free.

Maybe Fantage should add a bit of gold as prizes during events?


I liked Trade ‘N’ Sell, but it didn’t work out well. I never got scammed, so I didn’t really care about it >.<

Vintage Gold was bad. 😡

MyMall isn’t perfect, but it was nessessary.

Comment your opinions below!



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  1. Reblogged this on Fantage Reality and commented:
    No posts in quite a while.. so why not reblog this? 😀


  2. Reblogged this on Fantage Candi and commented:
    ohh. using ecoins…
    you can get gold for free from lucky bot, and one/three/seven days selling. and sell something for 500 and boom you have gold for 900 ecoins.


  3. I actually liked Trade N Sell a lot unlike some Fantagians… But I have only been in MyMall ONCE! Just for a post… I really think Fantage should bring back Trade N Sell………… And Vintage Gold is terrible..


  4. I think MyMall was the best out of these three because I got most of my good items from MyMall 😛


  5. i am really upset about the gold i liked ecoins and stars better and plus i payed for extra and now i cant use it


  6. RainbowGlitterKitty

    Reblogged this on Fantage Rainbow Kittens and commented:
    I agree 🙂


  7. moonshinezodiac

    MyMall would have been better if only you could transfer ecoins to gold, so that people wouldn’t have to pay real money to get gold.


  8. Lovely fantage

    Yeah but they should of have eve more better stars in to gold but only for preuium membrs and ecoins to gold for nons that we be awesome and they get more mem ships and also get more money smiles


  9. Yeah thats true, Fantage probably only closed it for money because people are doing the same trade stuff through MyMall and Fantage didn’t care even though the chances of getting scammed are much higher. But I guess doing a game like Fantage requires alot of money and time, so it does make some sense.


  10. girl your my bucket of marshmallow fluff with minty circle eyes. That’s what your name is going to be bucket of marshmallow flu…I FORGET!


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